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Welcome to CONTACT to COMPLETION - The 8 Step Communication System (c). 
Created by an Interior Designer for the Interior Design, Decorating, Staging and Building Industries.

Here’s What We’ll Cover

We’ll show you how to get Your INTERIOR PROJECTS Streamlined to have MORE PASSION to Create, have MORE TIME for Yourself & Clients, and finally make & keep MORE MONEY.

Intro to Client Management

In Steps 1 & 2, you will learn about the what, why and how to handle your new and existing Client CONTACT info and how to CONNECT on their level and recap conversations so everyone is on the same page preventing time and cost overruns.

Contracts & Agreements

In Step 3, CONTRACTS we are going to dive into how to create an Agreement between yourself (Interior Consultant, Renovator, Builder) and your Client. 

Learn how to use simple forms and clear communication to detail the interior design process.  This information along with your associated fees, guarantees and deadlines will ensure a timely and satisfactory completion of the project.


In Step 4, we are going to talk about the 8 Steps CONCEPTS used in Design Dominoes - The Interior Process Game (c).
I'll show you how to have fun with your clients and get them to understand that every decision they make will effect the next.  
I explain why I start every project with ART & Style that leads to BUDGET Allowance, COLOUR Direction, DESIGN Elements around EXISTING Features to generate FLOOR Plans to bring their GRAND Theme to life ending with HELPFUL Links to
Step 5, PRODUCTS purchased and Step 6 the SERVICE Providers used to install them.


The last 2 Steps are #7 - SCHEDULE which includes learning how to record your time on the Weekly, Monthly Design Time Sheet used for Fee invoicing and your Project Gantt Timeline sheet for Product purchase, delivery and installation.

#8 - COMPLETION: This step is critical and discusses how to know when your contract has been fulfilled.  It has forms to help like: inventory sheets, project completion sign-off sheet and the all important 'reference letter'.

Meet Your Instructor

Jan Addams LIIID, MIRM

With 35 years of Interior Design Education, Experience and Expertise under her belt, Jan is here to share her secrets on how to keep your Clients happy, your Interior Projects streamlined your Business Passionate & Profitable.

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DISCOVERING Your G.U.R.U. Style in 8 Steps you will learn:

  1. Your INNER drives to better understand yourself & others.
  2. Understand & wear your POWER Colours!
  3. Know and love your BODY SHAPE.
  4. Your Personal Clothing Style
  5. Solve Conflicts with Style & Career
  6. Wardrobe tricks IE: let your 'Clothes Clock' save money.
  7. Let your  Natural Beauty shine through in hair & makeup
  8. Combine Personality, Bodyshape & Colouring to create your perfect INTERIOR Style & Space



DESIGN DOMINOES - The Interior Process Game© begins with specifically chosen ART to direct the design process by focusing on STYLE, BUDGET and COLOUR preference.  DESIGN Elements follow centred on that favoured look incorporating EXISTING Features as seen in FLOOR Plans to create the ultimate GRAND Theme organized around the occupant’s LIFESTYLE with Helpful Links by Category for Products and Services to help you complete the Interior Design of your space.  The result , a truly SYNCHRONISTIC - Gee U R U Style!


C2C Plus Project Mngt System Binder

This system was created by a Veteran Interior Designer for the Interior Design Industry.  C2C PLUS – geared specifically for those INTERIOR CONSULTANTS that own or run a boutique sized (1–3 person) interior design, decorating, renovation or new home company with 1 – 10 projects on the go annually.

Use your Interior Project MASTER Binder for future reference as well as a place to keep your CONTACT TO COMPLETIONThe 8 Step Communication System© education modules. 

To help you start your first project with C2C Plus we have included 24 Industry Specific Custom Process Tabs & several Inserts & process Forms, 24 to help you maintain creativity & joy on all your Interior jobs with our Painless Project Management System!

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We are so confident that you are going to love Contact to Completion that we are giving you 30 days, risk-free! That’s right, you can use our training for 30 days and if doesn’t exceed your expectations for any reason, simply email us and we will send you a refund.


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